Reimagining early childhood in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Working better together for Brownsville’s children.


UB is a community-based initiative to improve services and outcomes for infants and toddlers.

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UB creates space for neighborhood collaboration.

We are a collective impact and participatory-planning initiative that empowers families, educators, social-service providers, and health-care providers to improve outcomes for infants and toddlers in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Brownsville is a neighborhood with a long history of activism in response to systemic racism and inequity, particularly when it comes to education. We believe that parents and service providers are experts in their fields who bring unique strengths and experiences to their parenting and professional lives. Collectively, they know the best ways to overcome obstacles they face and work towards equitable futures for children.

UB is a collaboration between SCO Family of Services and Community Solutions, and is an initiative of the Robin Hood Fund for Early Learning (FUEL).

Through collaboration, we can strengthen services, networks, and outcomes for young children.

We're improving outcomes for 0-3 year olds in Brownsville by helping families and service providers work better together. This will make the most of resources that already exist and ensure that no child falls through the gaps. Moreover, by empowering leaders who are already live in the neighborhood, we are creating a sustainable system for change.

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Parents and caregivers are the experts on how we should set and achieve our goals.

The parents and service providers who make up our leadership have both identified the negative effects of failing to place families first. Parents are often told that what they are doing is wrong rather than being celebrated for their strengths. Families are rarely asked about the challenges they face and how they could be better supported by the community. The providers working with UB know that improving outcomes for children requires making space for families at the planning and decision-making tables.

We focus on key areas of early childhood development.

Our specific focus is on social-emotional and language development. Many who study child development think that these two areas are the keys to a child's ability to do well in school and a career.

Language development includes learning to speak and understand language. Social-emotional development includes learning to form relationships and regulate one's own behavior.

The earlier that we can support a child's development and intervene to address delays, the more prepared that child will be for a successful and productive life.


When you listen to parents in Brownsville, you hear from child-rearing pros who want the same things all parents want. 




Who is United for Brownsville?



We are parents, foster parents, family members, and advocates for the 3,500 children aged three and under in our Brooklyn neighborhood. We are daycare providers, psychologists, speech therapists, shelter staff, and pediatricians.

We are also UB's backbone staff, who have backgrounds in social services, community engagement, education, and management. We’re good at getting people together and trying to make important services work better for them.

We are united to change relationships between and among our groups so that infants and toddlers in Brownsville develop the language and social-emotional skills that will ensure success in life.  


Families are united for Brownsville

Parents and guardians in Brownsville know what it means to coordinate care for their children on top of all the other responsibilities and pressures life brings our way. The Family Advisory Board is making parenting a more joyful experience for everyone in the neighborhood.


Professionals are united for Brownsville

Just as families struggle with the complexity of caring for infants and toddlers, the professionals working with young children struggle to make sure kids' needs are met. The Provider Action Team helps professionals collaborate across disciplines and improve care in the community.