Reimagining early childhood in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Our Leadership

UB is led by families and social, health, and educational service-providers from the Brownsville community. This community-first leadership strives for equity and upends top-down approaches to solving complex issues like early childhood development.



The Family Advisory Board (FAB) is composed of mothers, fathers, and grandparents who have taken on leadership roles in Brownsville because they want to improve the experiences of parenting and receiving services for children in their community. The FAB is one of two decision-making groups in UB.

The FAB’s strength is in the intelligence, expertise, creativity, and passion of its members, as well as the diversity of its members’ lived experiences, which represent the diversity of experiences in their community.

FAB members agree to meet monthly to share their expertise and perspectives with UB, to hold us accountable to our commitments, and to ensure that our activities incorporate Brownsville residents’ strengths, respond to their desires, and are conducted in the spirit of pursuing equity and restoring justice.

UB has promised to make sure Brownsville families are at the decision-making tables when it comes to services that affect their lives, and we do our best to make good on this. FAB members are invited to attend all PAT meetings and collaborate with service providers to make changes in their neighborhood.

In our commitment to diversity, UB is actively recruiting male members. If you you would like to join the FAB or know a good candidate, please reach out to us!



The Provider Action Team (PAT) is composed of professionals from over 40 service-providing programs, which include any human services provider who interacts with an infant or toddler, from childcare staff to early interventionists and pediatricians.

The PAT is one of two decision-making groups in UB.

The strength of the PAT comes from the breadth of its professional experience as well as its commitment to the community it serves.

PAT members meet monthly to collaborate with each other and the FAB. They are genuinely interested in serving the community in which they work by expanding their networks and working together in new ways, as well as by pursuing jointly-planned, interdisciplinary, mutually-reinforcing projects designed to improve outcomes for infants and toddlers in Brownsville.

UB welcomes any executive directors, program directors, managers, or other staff of service-providing organizations whose organizations work in Brownsville or serve infants, toddlers, and their families who reside in Brownsville. Reach out to us any time or come by a meeting to learn how we work!

We will disrupt inequities and systemic racism, starting with our own work. We will collaborate with organizations and programs aligned with UB’s mission to share resources and co-create projects that benefit the Brownsville community and its families in a sustainable way. Our values for collaboration will be permanently present in our work.
— PAT Goals, identified November 11, 2018

The Leadership Council


UB is grateful for the guidance of our Leadership Council composed of executives from New York City agencies, nonprofits, and businesses that are at the forefront of early childhood development work in New York City. The Leadership Council began convening quarterly meetings in December of 2017 and has continued to grow and evolve as UB has grown.

The Leadership Council is explicitly not a decision-making body but an advisory group that lends advice and otherwise facilitates our work.

Leadership Council members are:

Eric L. Adams
Brooklyn Borough President

Dr. Gary Belkin
Executive Deputy Commissioner, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

William Bifulco
VP Clinical Administration, Brookdale Hospital

Dr. Torian Easterling
Assistant Commissioner, NYC NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene & Center for Health Equity

Rosanne Haggerty
President and CEO, Community Solutions

Matt Klein
Executive Director, NYC Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity

Harvey Lawrence
President & CEO, BMS Family Health Center

Keith Little
Executive Director, SCO Family of Services

Jennifer March
Executive Director, Citizens’ Committee for Children

Erasma Monticciolo
Founder and CEO, Power of Two

Chad  Shearer
VP for Policy and Director, Medicaid Institute, United Hospital Fund

Maryanne Schretzman
Executive Director, NYC Center for Innovation and Data Intelligence

Dr. Megan Smith
Founder & Director, MOMS at Yale

Lorelei Vargas
Deputy Commissioner, NYC Administration for Children’s Services

Josh Wallack
Deputy Chancellor, NYC Department of Education

Stephanie Hill Wilchfort
President & CEO, Brooklyn Children's Museum

Greg Worrell
President, Scholastic Education